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Angry Birds Seasons update coming May 16th and will be called Abra-ca-bacon

Rovio has finally released details about when the next Angry Birds Seasons update will be hitting Android devices. This update we’ve talked about a few times in the past mainly due to the fact that a new game mechanic will be introduced with this update and that is Portals. They work just like you think they will. Flinging a bird into one portal will transport it to another location on the stage where your bird will come out of.

Angry Birds springtime update
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Rovio’s upcoming Angry Birds Seasons update confirmed to have portals

Back in April we talked about Angry Birds Seasons and that Rovio was getting ready to release an update to it which would bring a whole new game mechanic to it, one that we speculated would be something along the lines of portals that you could fling a bird into and teleport them to a different location in each stage. Rovio has now confirmed that this update will indeed have the new portal game mechanic.

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The advent calendar returns with Angry Birds Seasons’ new Winter Wonderham update

About a week or so ago we reported on Angry Birds Seasons’ upcoming update called Winter Wonderham which we figured would be arriving December 1st, 2012 if it was going to follow the same style that past updates used with the whole advent calendar system. Sure enough the update landed yesterday and it does bring back the advent calendar format for the Angry Birds Seasons’ Christmas update once again.

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Next Angry Birds Seasons update will have you walking in a Winter Wonderham

As most Angry Birds players have come to expect from Rovio, their Angry Birds Seasons game will be receiving an update soon for the upcoming Christmas season and it shall be called Winter Wonderham if what AngryBirdsNest has spotted becomes a reality, which it usually does. Spotted in the iOS Game Center, the new update’s name has been seen even though it isn’t available yet.

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Angry Birds Seasons gets its annual Halloween update, complete with new Ghost Blocks

Rovio has released their annual Halloween update, officially called Haunted Hogs, for their Angry Birds Seasons game and this time you won’t be smashing pumpkins and pigs outside. Instead the pigs have gone into hiding inside a haunted house, being careful of ghosts and other spooky things while trying to take the pigs out and get their eggs back. Did we mention there is also a new block you’ll have to deal with?