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Humble Mobile Bundle gets three more games added making it a huge deal

The most recent Humble Bundle is about half way through its sale time and just like when it always hits the mid-way mark for the allotted time each bundle is on sale, a few more games have been added to the list. This brings the total amount of games available for the Humble Bundle to nine in total if you opt into paying more than the average price people are paying at the time of you purchasing your bundle.


DotEmu puts all their games on sale at 40% off for the holidays

Want more deals this holiday season? Well you’re in luck then as DotEmu has put up their three self-published titles on Google Play on sale. This sale starts today, actually right now, and goes on until December 27th, 2012 so you do have about a week to pick up either R-Type, Another World or the Raiden Legacy game pack at a discounted price. Of course if you don’t have any of them then you can pick up all three.