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DigitalD20 is looking to bring technology into the tabletop RPG scene without killing the Paper and Pen feeling

DigitalD20 is a company with a mission and that mission is to bring technology into the world of tabletop RPG gaming. They are hoping to accomplish this through the use of tablets and an overall platform of modules, a synchronized interface between players and the Game Master, interactive maps and more. We say “they are hoping” because currently this project is up on Kickstarter looking for additional funding.


Just Dance Now Second Screen App Shown Off at E3

Ubisoft announced Just Dance Now, an app that will work in tandem with the upcoming game Just Dance 2015, the newest entry in the popular dance game series. The app lets players join in the game by using their phone as a controller. It only works for select songs though. Built in accelerometers in most devices allow this to be possible. There is no set limit to how many dancers can join in when using the app, as shown in the trailer for the game.


Square Enix developing Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn companion app for Android

Square Enix has been beta testing their newest MMORPG in the Final Fantasy franchise for awhile now and with the game’s actual release people have been having their own issues with trying to get onto the servers to play. It’s a good problem for a company to have when that many people are trying to log into their game. Sucks for the players though until more server power is added.