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Avengers Initiative Review: Not the Avengers game that you’d hope to play

The Avengers are a pretty potent band of superheroes. Seeing that the comics and movies involving the Avengers have got a pretty huge fanbase, Marvel has moved into creating an episodic mobile game as well. The first in this series of games puts you in the somewhat large shoes of The Hulk. While the thought of having an Avengers based game sounds mouth-watering (it should be epic right?), the final implementation fails on many levels. How so? Read on to find out.


Marvel’s Avengers Initiative finally available for face smashing fun with the Hulk

Originally reported on back in September, one of the more highly anticipated Marvel themed games called Avengers Initiative was slated for release back then but was unfortunately delayed for whatever reason. While iOS gamers got to get their hands on it and get down and dirty with the Hulk, we have had to wait for awhile. The good news is that the wait is over and the Avengers Initiative is now available for select Android devices.