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Galaga Wars Review: A good trip down memory lane.

To say I was a little nostalgic when booting up to play the new Galaga Wars is putting it lightly. There I was, barely 5 years old, when my father bought my first gaming console: Atari. Yes, even at 5 I knew I was part nerd and enjoyed gaming. I remember playing Galaga with my parents, so when I downloaded the new mobile game from Google Play, I was happy.


Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag will be landing on mobile devices this Winter. Pre-registration for the global launch is now live.

Back in June 2016 we reported on Sword Art Online and the fact it would be getting its own mobile game. At that time there were details that were not available when originally reporting on this game coming out, such as a release date, if there would even be a Western release for it, and so on. Now we have those details and more to check out today.