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Music-driven bullet hell shooter Beat Hazard Ultra blasts onto Google Play

Previously we published that the Beta/demo version of this game was available from the developer’s website, Cold Bean Games, but now you can download the demo (full version available via in-game purchase) direct;y from the Play store. Originally released onto Steam for PC gamers, Beat Hazard Ultra is a music-driven bullet hell shooter where the intensity of the gameplay is based off of the music you are listening to.

Game News

Music-driven bullet hell shooter, Beat Hazard Ultra, arrives in Beta form for you to download

On Steam for PC, Beat Hazard has become one of the best Indie games, and now you can try the Android beta version before it hits the Play store. There are plenty of “bullet hell” shooters on Android, but Beat Hazard Ultra takes it to another level. You can pick your own music track to play while in game, and this then influences the difficulty of the level.