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Game Giveaway Week Winners

All this week we will be giving away games and other prizes for our first contest! Today is the first day of prize winners and so far we have two winners already. This will be updated every day as winners are announced so keep checking back to this page to see if you’ve won and we will also announce winners of Twitter.


Game Updates

Well after taking two days off for Easter it’s time to dive right back into things and what better way to do that then to showcase some updates to some big gaming titles. We also got some major announcements to make today although I’ll save that for a post a little later. For now though, these games just got updates so if you have them, go get your updates!


Blastosis: Invasion

The developer of Blastosis: Invasion, Siliconis Games, sent me a nice little email to tell me about his game being released onto the Android market. So off I went to go download it and give it a whirl. Blastosis: Invasion is a space shooter game where your fly your ship around shooting everything that comes at you and gain power-ups along the way while enjoying some great graphics.