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An Interview with Goon Studios: Creators of Boogey Boy and Monster vs Sheep

Goon Studios is an independent game studio you will want to remember. They have high ideals and talent that runs deep. I don’t remember exactly how I came across Goon Studios website last year, but I came away impressed. Maybe it was the artwork shown in the screenshots of the game Keipr that they are working on. It could also have been that when I went to the about us section, that I thought it was pretty intriguing that the images of the Goons weren’t just regular old photographs.


Out Now: Boogey Boy: Goon Studios Shines a Bright Light with a New Infinite Runner

Goon Studios, based in Pasadena, California, is a game development studio to follow. Their game Boogey Boy, has jumped into the Play Store. It is a colorful, action-filled, platforming game that will easily draw you into its clutches.

If you were ever afraid of the dark as a child, you will easily identify with the theme behind this game. Goon Studios has taken a mythical creature in the Boogeyman and created a 3D-side scrolling infinite runner that you should try out. Can you escape the Boogeyman?