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Braveland is a new turn-based strategy game by Tortuga Team

Braveland is a new hexagonal turn-based game set in a fantasy world. The game begins with bandit raiders attacking your home and raiding it of supplies killing anyone who resisted. You vow to get justice and donning your fathers old armor set out east into the world to track down the villains responsible. Its a very played out and cliche story but one that seems to work for the scope of the game as you travel on an over-world map which you can select locations to visit. Each location will have something an encounter which could be other people hearing of your plight and wanting to join you or places to shop, while others might be thieves or other creatures wanted to stop you. Should you run into an enemy encounter you will be dropped into combat mode and swapped over to the hexagonal map which will be very familiar to any of you who have played Heroes of Might and Magic.