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Android Game Sale Round-up: Square Enix, Kemco, Sonic games and more

It’s that time again to round-up all the sales going on right now for Android games since it is Friday and the end of the week. There is certainly plenty of games on sale to spend money on while saving quite a few bucks in the process as well. As we have reported since Wednesday, Square Enix has a bunch of games on sale as does Kemco and Sega has put all the Sonic The Hedgehog games on sale as well.

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[Updated] Mid-week Android Game Sales Round-up: Final Fantasy III, Worms 2, Broken Sword II and more

While we missed last week with regards to posting are usual Android game sales round-up both mid-week and at the end, we are back now and just in time to post a rather impressive list of games currently on sale right now. There are a lot of big named titles going for some pretty good discounts including a variety of Square Enix titles currently going for 50% off.

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The remastered version of Broken Sword II – The Smoking Mirror has arrived

The rather popular point-and-click adventure game series Broken Sword has gotten another installment released onto Google Play today called Broken Sword II – The Smoking Mirror. Developed by the fine folks over at Revolution Software, this is the original Broken Sword II game but completely remastered for mobile gameplay. Releasing this game right now is no fluke either as the plot of the game revolves around the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar which, for those of you who don’t know when that is, will be on December 21st, 2012.