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Cafeteria Nipponica – Becoming a cafeteria mogul in a pixelated world

There’s a huge advantage in the mobile gaming market nowadays, that has become crucial for a big amount of developers: you don’t need to make an eye-popping games full of superb graphics to be successful. As a consequence of this, games are now rated for their content, theme, ability to hook people, and creativity. This is the case of Kairosoft: a company that has really hit the spot with their Time-Resource management games. And one of their latest releases just confirms this. Let’s take a look at “Cafeteria Nipponica”.

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Kairosoft unleashes Cafeteria Nipponica onto Android to suck away your free time

A couple of days ago we reported on Kairosoft teasing the Android gaming community with their next release called Cafeteria Nipponica. At the time it had just recently launched on Android in Japanese only but Kairosoft mentioned it would be coming April 5th. Well it looks as though that has come true as the English version of Cafeteria Nipponica is now available on the Google Play store.