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A company in China tried to copy Pokemon Go. The Results? Pretty scary actually.

Whenever a game gets released, be it on Android, iOS, or PC, are it gets extremely popular, there’s always going to be knock-offs, clones, and re-skinned versions of that game showing up not too far after its release. Most of the times developers who come out with these clones do a fairly good job of them, even though they are pretty much rip-offs usually. Sometimes they aren’t though and can actually be pretty decent games themselves.

Game News

Stolen Couch Games retracts their accusations towards their partner over the Pazuru game

About a week and a half ago we reported on Stolen Couch Games who pushed out a press release detailing possible plans to take action against one of their partners in regards to a game that was released called Pazuru and the fact that it was a clone of another game on Android called Ichi. Since then some new details have come to light which solves the entire issue at hand and, as a result, has Stolen Couch Games pushing out a new blog post retracting everything they said as well as issuing an apology.