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Stolen Couch Games considers suing partner after clone of Ichi shows up

Some interesting news today in the world of game developers, clones, and legal matters. Stolen Couch Games released a puzzle game back in December 2012 called Ichi which has actually done pretty well for itself. The game was made in partnership between Stolen Couch Games and Jay van Hutten, of which the founding members of Stolen Couch Games and Van Hutten were attending the Utrecht School of the Arts together. This is where the eventual creation of Ichi happened.

Game News

Amazon recommends code obfuscation to prevent cloned apps and games

Copycat apps is one of the biggest annoyances in mobile gaming. When one particular kind of app finds great success, some developers choose to piggyback on the popular app instead of trying to create something new and exciting. In some cases, developers take code from existing apps and reverse engineer them to their liking. To combat this, Amazon recommends developers obfuscate their code.