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Punch hostile animals in the face with Fist of Awesome, now available for Android, Ouya and GameStick

Back in November of last year we reported on the Kickstater for a game called Fist of Awesome hit up Kickstarter for funding which it eventually got successfully. Since then we’ve watched this game get developed and now it is finally time to enjoy punching random hostile animals in the face as Fist of Awesome is now available on Google Play as well as for Ouya and GameStick.


NY Comic Con sees Batman: Arkham Origins announced for Android, integrates with console version

So NY Comic Con happened over the weekend and during the event Warner Bros and DC Entertainment announced that Batman: Arkham Origins would be making its way to mobile devices in the near future. Not only will the game be arriving onto Android and iOS soon, you’ll be able to unlock additional suits in the console version of the game when playing the mobile version.


Mod Junkiez will soon be offering up hydro dipped custom Ouya controllers and possibly more

While some of you are already enjoying your shiny new Android-powered Ouya game consoles, and others happen to still be waiting for theirs to arrive, Mod Junkiez have gotten their hands on their own Ouya unit but it isn’t just for playing on. The company will also be developing new custom styles for the Ouya controllers, just as they do with other consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3.


Ex-BioWare developers creating Green Throttle’s first internally made game

If you’ve been following the news here recently about all the different types of controllers, peripherals and console type devices coming out that are Android powered, then you probably remember us talking about the Green Throttle controller a few times already. The controller and accompanying application, for those of you who are not familiar with it, basically allows gamers to play Android games on their TVs basically like a console with the big feature being that most of the game are geared towards multiplayer gaming.