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Konami and Tencent team up for a new Contra Mobile game. Here’s its first trailer.

Contra is a classic arcade side-scrolling shooter from the early console/arcade days that was known for being on the rather challenging side of things when talking about its difficulty level. Since the original game’s release, there have been a few add-ons to the franchise, all of which being challenging in their own right and keeping that difficulty level tradition alive.

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Konami’s Contra: Evolution runs and guns its way onto Android finally

Back in June we brought word that Konami’s would be bringing the first full licensed Contra game to Android called Contra: Evolution. The porting / remaking of the original Contra game was done by CocoaChina/Chukong who secured the rights to handle this project and since our last article about Contra: Evolution making its way to Android, the game has already been released onto iOS. It is, however, now available for Android users as well.

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Contra Evolution will be making its way to Android soon

While of the more popular platform shooters from back in the day has been the Contra series of games. CocoaChina/Chukong have secured the rights to publish the game worldwide from Konami, making this the first fully licensed mobile version on a Contra game. Contra Evolution has been out since January in China but now that the rights to publish worldwide have been secured it will be coming to the US soon.