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Game News

DroidGamers Cyber Monday Deal: An Additional 25% off all E-Learning packages with new promo code

Today being Cyber Monday, it would be strange if we didn’t do some sort of sale on our own store. With those e-learning bundles we have features from time to time, those seem to be a favorite for people and why not? It’s a great way to learn on your own time, whether it be mobile game development, using Unity3D, or even webdesign coding. Not only that, they are always at a good price.

Game News

Google Play’s Cyber Monday sale is in full swing across all categories in the Play store

If you didn’t manage to spend all of your money over the past couple of days, whether it be on Black Friday itself or the days surrounding it with all the sales, today begins the online version of Black Friday called Cyber Monday. To start off our Cyber Monday coverage, Google has put up a massive sale on Google Play across all categories. Technically this sale started Saturday but the real bulk of it appears today.

Game News

[Updated] Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are live and includes their Fire TV, Fire Phone and more

Cyber Monday sales are in full swing and while you don’t have to wait in line for hours ahead of time like Black Friday, lots of these sales are in limited quantity so you don’t want to delay in picking up anything you happen to want today. Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are going strong and there are plenty of deals to pick up including their Fire TV, Amazon’s Fire Phone and more, all of which are on sale today for some pretty good discounts.

Hardware News

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet and Shield Portable Black Friday sale becomes their Cyber Monday promotion as well

On Black Friday Nvidia hosted a sale on their Shield Portable and Shield Tablet products, offering up a pretty decent discount for each one. Well that sale for Black Friday has also now become their sale for Cyber Monday which means if you missed your chance to snag either device while it was on sale last week, you have another chance to do so today.