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Shadowgun: Deadzone gets a big update, Dead Trigger now on Amazon for the Kindle Fire

Lots of news coming out of Madfinger Games today in regards to two of their games, Shadowgun: Deadzone and Dead Trigger. To start off, we will cover the quick news that Dead Trigger is now available on the Amazon AppStore for Kindle Fire owners to enjoy. If you happen to own a Kindle Fire, you can hope on over to the Amazon AppStore and pick up Dead Trigger for the low cost of free.


Shadowgun: Deadzone leaves open beta status, now officially launched

Madfinger Games have been running an open beta for their multiplayer version of Shadowgun, called Shadowgun: Deadzone, for the last few weeks now. Right on time with their announcement of the game dropping the open beta tags and officially launching on November 15th, 2012, Shadowgun: Deadzone has arrived on Google Play. There is also a few things you should know when you go to jump into shooting other people in the face.


Shadowgun: DeadZone updated with better behind-the-scenes goodness

Shadowgun: Deadzone public beta has been out for a little bit now and the updates have been coming pretty rapidly while the crew at Madfinger Games work out bugs and improve the game overall so that they can eventually drop those beta tags. Today an update was pushed out and for the most part it was a more behind-the-scenes update. However, it does fix one bug you might be experiencing which is concerning spawning of your character, or the lack thereof.