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Here are Google’s Top 20 Finalists for the Google Play Indie Games contest

Google has gone through all of the submissions for the Google Play Indie Games Contest that was announced back in November 2016, and have finally picked out the Top 20 finalists who will move on to the next round of eliminations. Out of the 20 games selected, only 7 have yet to be released, which gives us a sort of heads up about a few upcoming games that must be titles to keep an eye out for.


Good news, Google has made app and game updates smaller once again

One of the problems with mobile gaming isn’t so much the games themselves, but the download sizes. This holds true with not just your initial update of a big game, but also the subsequent updates that games and apps get that also are big. If you have unlimited data on your plan, then this doesn’t matter much either way. However, if you don’t have unlimited data, the last thing you want to do is chew up a large chunk of your data downloading a 1GB game update.

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Gamer Gripe Corner: Customer Service is as important as the game you develop Elex

We are going to be starting a new series of articles, it’ll be a weekly series, where Android gamers will be able to write in to us expressing their gripes and complaints towards a particular game, developer, or just something about the industry that has them bothered or angry. It’ll be a pretty raw series of articles, where you’re free to express your thoughts about something without the worry of any censorship or anything like that.


Nexon acquires DomiNations developer Big Huge Games

Nexon has announced that they have decided to go ahead an acquire the company that they have been partnering with for the popular strategy game DomiNations. Big Huge Games, the company behind DomiNations, was co-founded by Brian Reynolds and Tim Train, industry veterans behind Civilization II and Rise of Nations. Both companies teamed up back in late 2013 for a mobile game, which at the time wasn’t announced, that turned out to be DomiNations.


Khronos launches their Vulkan 1.0 APIs today for developers to snap up and start using them

You may or may not remember back in August of last year when we reported on Google making the official announcement that they would be using Khronos’ Vulkan platform for Android developers to use its low-overhead graphical APIs. In a nutshell this is supposed to improve performance by providing developers more direct access to the GPU itself. Developers can manage memory and multiple threads on their own instead of leaving it up to the driver.