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Double Dragon Trilogy review: A great port… overall

Double Dragon is a classic arcade and go!e console game from the late 1980s, and into the 1990s. It was a great game and franchise in its time, popularizing the venerated Beat ‘Em Up genre. The success of franchise spawned several releases over different platforms. The original arcade game, and its first two arcade sequels was ported over to Android, and released by DotEmu, as a single collection. As such, this review will cover this trilogy.

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[Update: Released] Ys Chronicles will be landing on Android soon thanks to DotEmu

Crazy news this morning for fans of old school RPG series, DotEmu has announced that they will be bringing the Ys Chronicles to Android in the near future… well the first game at least. For those of you not familiar with this franchise, Ys is a JRPG franchise that originally released in North America in 1990 under the slightly different name Ys Book I & II. However Ys Chronicles was a remake of those games, with a bunch of enhancements and packed together, before being released in the early 2000s for PC and the PSP which is where it gained a lot of popularity, not that it wasn’t popular back in the early 1990s.