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Day of the Tentacle Review: An excellent romp through time

LucasArts is one of those studios that I really appreciate. Twenty some years ago, they released a string of excellent adventure games that went WAY outside of the bread and butter of Star Wars. Day of the Tentacle was one such game. Set up as the sequel to Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle carries over many (though not all) of its characters, and takes place five years later. I really enjoyed this game when I was in High School, and was thrilled to be able to play it again over the last few weeks, via GeForce Now.


[Updated] Amazon had Double Fine’s The Cave for free. Lazy 8’s Cogs is still available for free though.

Amazon has a couple of games available for free today that you might want to pick up when you get a minute. Actually scratch that, you’ll want to pick either, or both, of these games up if you have access to Amazon’s AppStore. While the main one we are talking about is Double Fine Production’s The Cave, the challenging puzzle game Cogs from Lazy 8 Studios is also available for free as Amazon’s free game of the day.


Double Fine’s Costume Quest will be heading to Nvidia’s Shield

Yesterday Nvidia announced that their Android-powered handheld gaming system, now official called just ‘Shield’, has gone live for pre-orders to those people who have subscribed to the Shield’s newsletter. Everyone else has to wait until May 20th, 2013 to pre-order a unit. Double Fine has come out today to announce that their Costume Quest game will also be heading to Nvidia’s Shield system as well.


The first trailer for Double Fine’s upcoming game Broken Age is out

For those of you familiar with Double Fine’s upcoming game that had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, it was originally called Double Fine’s Adventure. It has been officially renamed to Double Fine’s Broken Age and now we have a first trailer available to watch. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, this will mostly be a point-and-click adventure game that features two stories that co-exist and intertwine with each other.


Here is a huge list of confirmed games heading to OUYA

As we have seen in the recent past whether it is from all the submissions in OUYA’s CREATE competition or just from news from developers making games, OUYA has a lot of developers interested in the Android-powered console. We now have a really big list of confirmed games heading to OUYA which includes some rather big titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, Adhesive Games’ Hawken and Double Fine’s The Cave and Reds.


Double Fine Productions and Verse Studio working on a few games for OUYA

Currently the D.I.C.E. summit is happening and today some interesting news regarding OUYA has been announced. Actually it is in regards to two new partnerships with studios to create games for the Android-powered console. First, two titles from Double Fine Studios will be bringing two of their games over to OUYA while Words with Friends creator Paul Bettner and his company Verse Studios have two games under development for OUYA as well.