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Penalty Wheel

There isn’t a whole lot to choose from when looking for a drinking game to play on your Android phone. We have talked about a few in the past with Bluff Dice being our current favorite right now. Penalty Wheel could change all that though. Developed by La Hammocka, Penalty Wheel will make a party or a trip the bar with friends a whole lot more entertaining.


Cow Craps Dice Game

Most people have played the pig dice game or a variant of it. Well now you can play it on your Android phone with a game called Cow Craps, developed by WB Games. In Cow Craps you roll your two cow ‘dice’ and depending on how they land you gain points and the first to 100 points or over wins. This game also features the ability to play against another person.


Bluff Dice Drinking Game

So far I haven’t really seen a drinking game available for Android that has actually peaked my interest enough to download it and play. However a game called Bluff Dice caught my eye and after downloading it and playing, it’s actually fairly entertaining. Bluff Dice, developed by Net Mobile AG, is sort of a cross between poker style bluffing and Yatzee.