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Assemble a team of heroes and craft items in Dungeon Rushers, coming to Android later this month.

Fans of Dungeon Crawlers may want to take a look at this upcoming entrant into the fold: dubbed Dungeon Rushers, this is a game that focuses on turn based combat, crafting items, and even level editing. The game is based around the story of Elian, a professional toilet cleaner. He is dissatisfied with his life, and is aspiring for more. Thus, he elects to join a community of dungeon looters, where he falls in with other colorful characters that seek to end the monopolization of said dungeons by an sinister corporation.


Heroes of the Dungeon releases an update with Egyptian themed content

Heroes of the Dungeon, the least imaginatively titled RPG in the world, released a new content update for their crawler this week. It’s pretty jam packed with content including two new solo chapters, a new dungeon environment within the Pyramid of Egypt, new heroes, and a World Boss game mode which will allow players over level 50 server-wide asynchronous co-op boss battles. Whew!


Prove your worth as a deity in Odin’s Protectors, now out on Google Play

Released by Yaloo Entertainment, Odin’s Protectors is a new RPG for Android with a theme that’s predicated on Norse mythology. What passes for a back story in this game is that Odin has built a tower to help guard against invading foes who have designs on Asgard’s conquest. Thus, players will choose one of five Aesir, and will upgrade them in order to handle the invading forces.


The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost, a throwback to old-school dungeon crawling, is coming to Android

First-person dungeon crawlers are experiencing a revival of sorts lately. The role-playing game sub-genre, whose heyday occurred during the early years of computer gaming, has remained relatively dormant since the late 90’s. These past few years, however, a handful of dedicated developers have begun releasing well-received titles that have given life to the once near-dead genre, the most notable example being The Legend of Grimrock series. These titles are, for the most part, available only on PC, but little by little mobile is starting to see its share of the action through ports and even some original titles.