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Nick Earl, former SVP of EA Mobile is now President of Kabam

Nick Earl is somewhat infamous among mobile gamers thanks to a period of controversy during his tenure as senior vice president of EA Mobile. Despite stirring the ire of a multitude of gamers after two separate contentious incidents regarding the monetization models for Real Racing 3 and Dungeon Keeper, Earl helped guide the division through a continuous string of critical and commercial successes.


Electronic Arts announces that 13 titles will be available for the new Nexus line-up

While the general Android population enjoys, at least to some degree, pointing out Electronic Arts’ weird selection of supported devices whenever they launch a new game, the company themselves has decided to address the issue in a way that will make future Nexus owners fairly happy. EA has announced that 13 titles will be available when the new Nexus line-up launches on November 13th, 2012, which is pretty much their entire catalog of games on Android.