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Epic Pirate Story to be released for free this March

Well its been almost one year since the Epic Devs LLC. set out on their enduring journey to create a new Pixel Art adventure game called Epic Pirate Story. They had a grand vision for a game where you would play a pirate and take to the high seas seen in cute Pixel Art fashion and they knew the  direction they wanted to take it. In the beginning the company started out with one coder and one pixel artist and started writing in Java while using the AndEngine to publish the game. After that they settled in to design and develop that vision.


Epic Devs working on trying to get Epic Pirate Story out by February

Epic Devs LLC. are about to unleash their first game and its a Pixal Art game based on Pirates! You will be playing as a pirate and will have to manage your crew and explore islands for treasures while fighting off other pirates and monsters. There looks to be a building aspect to the game as well where you help create different buildings for your Pirate Haven which you can use a a base of operations for resting and regaining lost energy.