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Telltale Games’ Batman Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham will be arriving next week

While Telltale Games initially dropped the ball on the initial release of their new Batman series when it comes to getting it out onto all platforms at the same time, it looks like the company has finally gotten mobile players caught up to the rest of the gaming world. Next week Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham will be arriving, and now we have details and a trailer to check out.


Telltale Games confirms release date for Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4

Telltale Games has confirmed today the release dates for the next episode for their Tales of the Borderlands series. The new episode, titled Escape Plan Bravo, will be heading to all platforms including Android next week. This is also the same episode we reported on recently that will be at the upcoming PAX Prime 2015 show where Telltale Games will be hosting a special ‘Crowd Play’ event for Episode 4.


Telltale Games releases screenshots for their Game of Thrones upcoming Episode 4 Sons of Winter

On Monday we reported on Telltale Games and the fact they had begun teasing the next episode for their Game of Thrones series called Sons of Winter. This will be episode 4 which means there will be two more episodes after this new one is released, and then the series will be done. When this new episode was revealed the other day, there was just a promo image to go by, but now we have some screenshots to check out.