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Game Insight has announced a new competitive defense title called Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena

Game Insight has announced a new game which is essentially a multiplayer strategy game of sorts, all focusing on tournament gameplay, based off of their original Cloud Raiders game. This new game is called Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena and it eliminates the standard single-player gameplay found in the original title, tweaks the gameplay further, and then offers it to mobile gamers as a multiplayer game.


Stage TEN announces a new broadcasting platform for eSports coverage

The live game streaming and eSports industries are still pretty new, even with how popular and big they already are. Mobile is just starting to get into the action and is expected to surpass console and PC streaming when it finally comes into full being. With TwitchCon only a few more days away, companies are already starting to announce their new products and one of those new goodies is a company called Stage TEN.