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Fearless Fantasy Review: A stripped down RPG that’s quite fun

Fearless Fantasy is an RPG game, with a few quirks that make it unique. Judging by the name, one might assume that it’s a clone of Final Fantasy. While that would seem logical as it is a JRPG with a somewhat similar battle system where units on both sides take turns, and they line up on opposite sides of the screens, in actuality the two games may have more differences than similarities. When I first played the game, I was slightly disappointed by this fact. As I played through the game though, I came to see it for what it was, and appreciate that this game is distinct and unique in its own ways.


[Update: Play version released] Fearless Fantasy is an upcoming RPG adventure to keep an eye out for

The strange and psychedelic world of Fearless Fantasy is due to grace the Android Platform later this summer. Having been successfully released on the PC, developer Enter Skies is focusing their effort on a mobile port of their oddity of an adventure. The producer of the hit animated film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within referred to Fearless Fantasy as “The most original RPG of the year.”