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Flashout 3D racing game now available in the OUYA Store

Get ready to get used to seeing these sorts of announcement on a regular basis soon as OUYA nears going mainstream with its upcoming retail launch this early Summer. Pre-orders are already shipping out to everyone who pre-order awhile ago through the Android-powered game console’s Kickstarter campaign. Now we get to start announcing games as they become available for your new shiny OUYA console.


Flashout 3D Review – A decent and simple little futuristic racer

WipEout is the undisputedly fore-running futuristic racing game on any platform. Hence, it comes as no surprise that others would try to imitate it, and build upon its success. Enter Flashout 3D, a futuristic racer that bears an uncanny resemblance to WipEout, mixing racing with combat. Keeping aside its somewhat obvious similarities with WipEout, how does Flashout 3D fare in its own right?