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Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Review: Great IP that doesn’t run very well

Borderlands is a well established gaming franchise, focusing on first person shooting with some RPG elements. It uses the cell shading that it’s well known for, along with quirky humor. When it was announced several months ago that it was being ported over to Android, on Nvidia hardware to be specific, I was thrilled, having enjoyed both the original as well as the sequel. This game is easily as good as the others, though my experience playing it wasn’t.


Relentless FPS Action Hits Nvidia Shield in the Cult-Hit Sequel, Shadow Warrior 2

While many first-person shooter games aim to deliver convincingly realistic battle simulations based in the real-world, Shadow Warrior 2 strives for the opposite. Offbeat, over-the-top and gore-drenched, Shadow Warrior 2 is a throwback to non-stop action fueled FPS games of the past but features modern, detailed visuals that take advantage of next-generation gaming hardware.


Duke Nukem 3D: Hail to the King collection will no longer be happening

Back in early 2015 we learned that there would be a collection of games heading to Android in the near future called Duke Nukem 3D: Hail to the King Collection which was being developed by Voidpoint. Since the initial story we followed the development of said collection of games, including having a great interview with Richard “TerminX” Gobeille of Voidpoint. However, now we have some bad news to report, which is this collection of games has now been canceled.


Madfinger Games releases the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming Shadowgun Legends game

During the now concluded Gamescom 2016 show Madfinger Games revealed what their next title would be, which is a Destiny-style game called Shadowgun Legends. While we already have a fair amount of details revealed about this game, the only gameplay we have seen has been that short clip in the video leaked out the other week. Well now we have a bit more of an official look at the gameplay for Shadowgun Legends.


[Gamescom 2016] Madfinger reveals Shadowgun Legends, their upcoming Destiny-style MMORPG FPS title for mobile. Original Shadowgun goes on sale to celebrate.

Remember the other week when we published a video regarding leaked video footage of a Destiny-style game on a tablet? Well we finally get to tell you what game that is, and all about it, and we have even had some hands-on time with a very early build back during GDC 2016. So what game is this? It is called Shadowgun Legends, and it isn’t just a Destiny-style game, it is actually an MMORPG FPS title for mobile devices.


Check out this leaked video of a Destiny-style game for mobile devices

Mobile gaming has been getting more and more advanced over the years, with games getting bigger, more in-depth, with multiplayer features and high-end visuals. Some are pretty much on point with PC and console games in most of those categories. So it isn’t surprising to find out that there is a video going around now of a very highly-detailed futuristic game being played on mobile. More to the point, it looks a lot like Destiny.