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[UPDATE: Game Released] Bandai Namco and Hipster Whale team up for a new Pac-Man game called Pac-Man 256

Bandai Namco has decided to connect with Hipster Whale, the folks behind the rather successful game Crossy Road, to have them put their own style into the development a new Pac-Man game. This new game will be called Pac-Man 256 and it won’t be your typical dot eating game. Hipster Whale has put a pretty unique twist into the game’s tried and true formula it has been using for35 years now. Oh, for those that are not aware, Pac-Man has turned 35 today.


Nexon Korea soft launches their upcoming Fantasy War Tactics game in a few locations. Global release coming soon.

Back in April of this year we reported on a new mobile title coming from Nexon Korea called Fantasy War Tactics. Being labeled as an SRPG, this means it is a strategy RPG and these types of games usually take the form of a turn-based tactics style of gameplay. This is indeed the case with Fantasy War Tactics and today the game is starting a soft launch in select regions.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Hands-on with the upcoming hack n’ slash RPG Angel Stone

On the weekend that just passed, the Action-RPG title that’s currently in development for mobile devices called Angel Stone went into a short closed beta period. If you managed to sign up for it, then there was a good chance you ended up being able to play the game. The closed beta period only lasted three days (Friday-Sunday) so people participating in it had to stuff as much gameplay time into it that they could in those three days.


New match-3 game SwappyDots is now on Google Play

Released by Code2Game, SwappyDots is a new match-three game that has had its gameplay crossed with the classic sliding puzzle mechanic. Players will be looking at a grid of colored dots, a la Candy Crush. What’s different about this game, is that there’s one spot in the grid that’s empty, reminiscent of the classic, pocket-sized sliding puzzle games of yore.


Herocraft finally releases Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf onto Google Play

Back in April 2015 we reported on Herocraft and the fact they had begun a beta testing phase for their upcoming Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf game. Since then the beta has been running but it looks like everything is good to go as Herocraft has dropped the beta tags for this game and it is now officially available. With a franchise as big as Warhammer (both the fantasy one and 40K) you would think all the games we currently have related to the franchise would be great. In truth, only a couple have been on the level of great, and Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf is one that can be added to this list.


Run away from police at the football stadium in Hools Run

Hools Run is a new runner that has arrived onto Google Play and features a bit of a unique theme. Hools we are guessing is short for Hooligans and you’ll be taking control of one at a football stadium. You will be running from the police for some reason and you obviously don’t want to get caught. It’s more of a hobby running from the police for Hooligans.