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Zynga reveals Solstice Arena, an new MOBA game heading our way soon

Zynga has been doing some soft launches of a few games lately and while this isn’t another soft launch, it is a game that will most likely see one at first before it gets fully released. Zynga is entering the world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games and Solstice Arena will be their debut MOBA title which will be arriving onto multiple platforms in the near future.

Game News

Glu has a new action game on the way called Death Dome, here’s a trailer

Glu Mobile has been releasing a lot of games lately and here is another one on the horizon called Death Dome which they are now starting to promote with the release of a trailer. This game is a hack n’ slash titles sporting some rather nice looking 3D visuals and gameplay similar to that found in Infinity Blade while the overall theme of the game seems like something out of Mad Max.