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The Spirit Walkers Review: Casually beautiful

Spirit Walkers, by casual game lords G5, provides some pretty typical casual fun for at least several hours. It costs 5 bucks, though, and obviously a lot of players in the comments section think that the price was much too high. I laugh at the idea; not only is 5 dollars for even a short game a steal, but it’s especially a steal considering how nicely made this game is.


Lost Souls Review: A familiar trip through a beautiful landscape

Let’s be honest, OK? If you’ve played one of these casual, hidden-item, Big Fish-style games you’ve really played them all. Well, sort of. While I’ve become very good at pointing out how many titles repeat the same designs over and over, and how this repetition has begun to wear even my battle-hardened gamer senses down, I still keep in mind that some genres will always be what they are… that’s what makes them genres. Sci-fi will probably always have spaceships and robots, Westerns will have cowboys on horseback and fantasy will keep it up with swords, dragons or orcs. It’s just how it is a lot of the time.