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Hardware News

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 Shield tablet gets update 1.2 which brings plenty of bug fixes and optimizations

Nvidia has pushed out a new OTA update, that being update 1.2, for their Tegra K1 Shield tablet this afternoon. This update, which is mainly bug fixes and optimizations, bumps the Android version up to 6.0.1 for this particular Shield device. Before anyone asks however, the LTE version’s update is still being worked on, so you’ll be sticking with Android 5.1.1 for a bit longer.

Game News

Rumor: The Nintendo NX could work with smartphones, PCs, and other consoles

Interesting news coming out today about Nintendo’s upcoming console, and that is the rumor that the Nintendo NX will have support, or work with, smartphone, PC, and even other consoles such as the Playstation 4. Some of this information isn’t actually surprising if you’ve been following the news about the Nintendo NX and the company’s plans for mobile gaming as well.

Hardware News

DroidGamers Deals: Mighty Marquee Desk Light and NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

Now that the holidays are over, as is CES, we can sort of get back to some of our regular lives, at least for a couple of weeks till the next big conference. In the meantime, we can get back to posting some of the cool deals over on our store and today we have two of them. There is the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller and the Mighty Marquee Desk Light to check out.

Hardware News

[CES2016] Sony’s press conference starts at 5pm and is available to watch here

Sony’s press conference this year at CES 2016 is probably going to focus a lot on the company’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset, the Playstation VR. As for mobile related goodness, there is a possibility we could see a new Android device announced. I’m personally going to say that instead of a new Android device, we will probably hear more about additional second screen technology being developed for Sony’s Android devices.