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Bandai Namco celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tekken with a new Galaga/Tekken mash-up mobile game

We have seen some pretty odd mash-ups and cross-overs when it comes to mobile games, usually pertaining to games like Puzzle & Dragons or similar Puzzle-RPG titles. However recently we did get a Star Wars / Contra mash-up which brought us the original Contra game but featuring Star Wars enemies and the main character you play as was Chewbacca. Today Bandai Namco has brought us another unique mash-up, this time featuring Galaga and Tekken.


Namco brings you back to the arcade days with Galaga Special Edition

A couple of weeks ago Namco once again got all nostalgic on us with the release of a new game that many of us are familiar with… Galaga. As one of the earliest space-themed arcade shooters, many of us drop plenty of quarters into them in the hope of getting the high score on that particular machine. One of the best features was when you were able to use two ships at once. Ahhh the memories…