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Friday Lunchtime Humor: Samsung’s Superbowl commercial is pure win

The Superbowl is only a couple of days away and already we are able to check out a lot of the commercials that will be aired during the game. For those of you not familiar with the Superbowl tradition when it comes to commercials, most companies that can afford to air a commercial during the football game spend millions of dollars to make the best, and usually the funniest, commercial for the whole year.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note II now available for purchase for $370 on T-Mobile or $685 unlocked

The next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note, appropriately named the Samsung Galaxy Note II, has officially gone on sale for those of you who have been eagerly waiting to get your hands on this new device. Depending on the route you take in acquiring one, you can purchase it for $370 on-contract through T-Mobile or, if you want to get it a little cheaper, you can hit up Wirefly where it is currently going for $279 with a new two-year contract.