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Samsung’s GamePad is now an official thing, available in Europe only for right now

Samsung has officially made their game controller for their phones a thing now, releasing it to market already in Europe while everywhere else in the world will be able to buy it soon. Of course that is if you don’t already own a MOGA controller, or a SteelSeries one, or a Nyko controller, or any number of ones already available and useable with pretty much any Android device.


Phonejoy’s new controller now up for pre-orders for $69

Phonejoy has been making controllers for mobile gamers for a bit now and while their first product saw a little success their second controller is looking like it may pull in a lot more sales. This is partly because the controller will actually slide together when not in use, making it more compact and easier to carry along with you. The other reason could be because it fits right to your phone with the buttons and controls located on the sides of your device instead of how a standard controller is set up.


Enter for your chance to win one of three SteelSeries Free game controllers and Flux Luxury Edition headsets

It’s about that time to start yet another giveaway and the prizes just keep growing in size. Today we are going to give away three sets of SteelSeries Free mobile gaming controllers and SteelSeries Flux Luxury Edition headsets. Both of these are snazzy pieces of gear to help you game while on the go on your Android device. Also one lucky winner will snag a black DroidGamers T-Shirt.