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The Cocos2d v3.7 update is now available, merges Cocos2d-JS into Cocos2d-x

Chukong Technologies has announced that Cocos2d-JS has merged into Cocos2d-x to form Voltron… er… the new Cocos2d v3.7 update which is now available for download. For those of you not familiar with Cocos, this is basically one of the largest and most popular game development engines for mobile games. According to Chukong Technologies, Cocos now has over 490,000 registered mobile game developers and over 16,000 published titles.


Corona Game Edition SDK by Ansca Mobile

Are you trying to develop a game by yourself or with a small group of people but don’t have the $1500-3000 for that sweet commercial developer kit you’ve been wanting. Well there are some alternatives and one is the newly released Corona Game Edition SDK by Ansca Mobile which offers cross-platform game development including for Android.


Dvide Arts Release Update

A lot of people are eagerly awaiting Dvide Arts release of Crusade of Destiny and Welcome to Hell and have been curious about when it will be hitting the Android market. Well I just heard back from Dvide Arts with their statement regarding the release of these two great looking game titles.


ShiVa3D supports Android

ShiVa3D by Stonetrip is a 3D gaming engine that has been used on pc and console based games for awhile now as well as used by many popular iPhone games. Stonetrip just announced they have included Android support with their Android Authorizing Tool which has just been released in it’s beta phase.