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The Hunger Games gets itself a new endless runner released today called Panem Run

While there already happens to be a plethora of endless runners available for mobile gamers to play regardless of what platform they happen to favor, there always seems to be more of them coming out. Same thing with TCG titles these past few months it seems. Today we have yet another endless runner that’s been released and this time it is based off of the Hunger Games franchise.

Game News

Survival Horror Story: Catequesis will be coming to Android but not until 2014

A 90’s style RPG that has been in development for awhile now, originally planned for a Fall 2013 launch, has had its release date pushed back until sometime early next year. Survival Horror Story: Catequesis by Baroque Decay & Curved Cat Games isn’t being delayed because of problems arising from the game’s development though but because the company is shooting for a release of the game onto PC first before bringing it to mobile devices instead.

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Isle of Bxnes is a new hardcore Action-RPG where your character can die forever

There are not a lot of hardcore Action-RPG type of games available for mobile gamers to try their hand at but if you like the more hardcore types of games there is a new one now available called Isle of Bxnes. This is a pretty hardcore game where in one moment you can be picking up some new great loot for your character and in the next your character could be dead forever.

Game News

Cave is currently developing a new bullet hell shooter for Android called Don Paccin

Cave is a well-known company that develops bullet hell shooter style games for multiple platforms. These games give both seasoned veterans of the genre as well as newcomers plenty of challenge when playing any of their current titles. The company has a new game in the works according to Siliconera called Don Paccin and even though this game is riddled with cute looking enemies and other visuals, you can expect this game to be just as hard as any of their other current titles.