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[Update: Released] Discover which of your friends is an alien saboteur in Who Lurks, coming next week to Google Play

Set to release May 10th, Who Lurks is an upcoming game that focuses on deception and survival in a multiplayer setting. The game does include missions for players to enjoy alone, and completing them does unlock other content within the game, the crux of it is when you have a group of friends, as the game accommodates three to six players at a time.


Help Ollie The Fox prepare the best party for his friends in Flipper Fox, now available on Google Play

Released by Torus Games, Flipper Fox is a platformer that’s just been released. In Flipper Fox, players will assume the role of Ollie, the games iconic fox. Ollie is interested in helping his friends throw the best party ever, so he’s taking it upon himself to find the best gifts and other party supplies. This means players will be looking for them throughout the game’s 180 levels.