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Gameloft’s newest Gangstar title will be landing on Android soon. Currently soft launched.

Gameloft has been working on their latest addition to the Gangstar franchise is appears as the new Gantast New Orleans game has been released (soft launched) onto iOS. This would mean that the Android version isn’t too far off with its release as well. When it comes to soft launches by Gameloft, those titles usually appear in a full launch within a month or so, unless something big bug-wise is found of course.


Gameloft Is No Longer Producing Premium Titles

As the number of publishers turning to the free-to-play revenue model continued to proliferate across the mobile space, French developer, Gameloft, remained the last bastion of premium priced experiences void of in-app-purchases. Gamers that sought refuge from the oft maligned “freemium” approach to content found that Gameloft offered a library of titles that were sold as complete games for one price; the revenue model most familiar to those who play games on dedicated gaming devices, and a model that many veteran gamers still expect on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.