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Glu Mobile announced Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation movie tie-in game is now available

Glu Mobile has released another movie tie-in game and this time there’s no onslaught of killer robots in it. Instead it is themed around the latest Mission: Impossible movie and the game itself is called Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Players will need to infiltrate different enemy locations and complete objective that will eventually lead to you defeating your enemies.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Glu Mobile opens up pre-registration for upcoming movie tie-in game Terminator Genisys: Revolution

Glu Mobile has done its fair share of games related to either movies or famous people, mainly the latter. Their newest one however is going to be based off of the upcoming Terminator movie which hits theaters this year in July. This new game is called Terminator Genisys: Revolution which is a similar title to the upcoming movie called Terminator Genisys.


Glu Mobile Acquires PlayFirst, The Makers of Diner Dash

In a rather spectacular rebound, formerly ailing mobile game studio, Glu Mobile, has completed its acquisition of PlayFirst, the studio behind casual hits such as Diner Dash and Cooking Dash. Glu CEO, Niccolo de Masi, expressed that, “We are pleased to officially add PlayFirst to the Glu family and look forward to delivering new DASH products to a worldwide audience.” There is no word yet as to which title in the DASH line would see a new entry or if Glu plans to release an all new entry.


Eternity Warriors 3 Receives PvP Update, Now You Can Kill Other Players

Glu Mobile’s wildly popular high fantasy ARPG, Eternity Warriors 3, has been updated with an all new PvP mode. Players will now have the ability to crush their enemies and see them driven before them as they square off in arena based combat in order to earn points, seasonal awards and an ever coveted position atop the new worldwide leaderboards, once and for all proving what is best in life.