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Amazon’s Free App of the Day is Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes Premium

Amazon’s Appstore has a pretty good game up today for their daily Free App Of The Day feature. Today it is Handy Games’ fantasy-themed title called Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes. The interesting thing about this game, aside from the fact it is fun to play, is that it is the only title in the Guns ‘n’ Glory franchise that isn’t a tower defense game, at least according to the developers. Instead it is labeled as an Action-RPG title.


Guns ‘N’ Glory updated – 10 new maps and 1 new unit

Guns ‘N’ Glory by HandyGames is a unique tower defense game we have grown to love. While breaking away from the static format tower defense games have, Guns ‘N’ Glory allows you to move your ‘towers’ around during gameplay. A new update just went live on the market and it is a nice sized one with 10 new maps and 1 new unit to play with.

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Guns’N’Glory by HandyGames Review

Do you love tower defense games? If you do then Guns’n’Glory is definitely a game you should pick up. This game is tower defense from a Wild, Wild West perspective. Settlers are moving into your turf and they are brining money with them. So it’s your job to liberate them of that heavy burden and to use the money you “earn” to increase the size of your gang.


Guns’N’Glory by HandyGames

Guns’n’Glory is the newest release by game developer HandyGames. In Guns’n’Glory you are actually the bad guy, running a group of bandits who steal gold from settlers. It is a unique game in that it combines the action gaming genre with the gameplay style of a tower defense game making it a really interesting and dynamic game to play.