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Nvidia may be revealing a new Nvidia Shield Android TV console at CES 2017

Usually Nvidia takes CES each year to announce their next products in the mobile gaming space, whether that be a new iteration of a current product, or a whole new device. Right now Nvidia is in the perfect spot in their Shield product timeline to be introducing something new at CES 2017. According to an anonymous source, this is exactly what will be happening regarding the Nvidia Shield Android TV.

Hardware News

Google is starting to crack down on fast charging with Android devices

Google has begun knuckling down and getting touch on the standards revolving around fast charging Android devices. Right now manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to make their devices charge faster than any other devices. This is obviously a great feature for Android gamers as it means much more gaming time for us. However, fast charging done wrong can have some bad side-effects. So Google has begun getting tough on what it takes to have good fast charging.