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Android 2.3 Gingerbread Review

Gingerbread, Google’s next step towards Android’s mobile dominance (both on smartphones and on tablets) has launched with Samsung’s Nexus S in December. Not only did Samsung bring out great hardware, but Google’s also launched the next version of Android with along with it. We review Android “Gingerbread” on T-Mobile’s extraordinarily flexible HD2.


HTC HD2 Android Review

HTC’s HD2 was a beautiful phone ruined with ancient software many reviewers initially concluded. It has some of the most advanced mobile hardware in the thinnest package available. Likely the last of HTC’s WM6.5 phones the HD2 was left to die with few updates from HTC and little marketing attention after it’s launch. DroidGamers does an in-depth review of the HD2.


Desire HD ROM Complete Walkthrough [Video]!

DroidGamers does a complete walk-through of the newest HTC Sense user interface thats going to be running on the recently announced (and not yet released) Desire HD and Desire Z. Improved music application with DLNA support, a notification bound task-switcher, offline HTC locations map service, and online integration of messaging, contacts and forwarding calls right from the website are among some of the newest features.