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[Updated] Neverending Nightmares, a horror game about mental illness, up on Kickstarter. Coming to Ouya and possibly tablets

You may see a few articles floating around other websites right now about a developer who suffered a rather big defeat with one of his other games, called Retro/Grade, but is taking another stab at it with a new psychological horror game called Neverending Nightmares. Currently up on Kickstarter for additional funding as well as Steam Greenlight for voting, Neverending Nightmare is partly based on Retro/Grade creator Matt Gilgenbach’s own experience in dealing with mental health and the dark place he was after Retro/Grade.

Game News

Horror movie Rec/Quarantine scares it’s way into Google Play as a game

Castelao Pictures has unleashed a horror game based on the popular Spanish flick “Rec” (short for record). If you’re unfamiliar with the name you may have heard of “Quarantine”. The movie was adapted on the U.S. shores to appeal to U.S market and received mixed reviews. Using a first person view you’ll follow along the story of the the original movie along with it’s sequel.