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Today on Twitch: Diving into the Izanagi Online close beta, Taichi Panda giveaways and more. Starting at 1pm PST.

So today is Monday, the beginning of the week and depending on where you live and if you are in school, it is also the beginning of Spring Break for you. If this is the case then you have lots of free time to play video games, whether that be on console, PC or mobile. So to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break, we have some giveaways planned all week both here on the site as well as during our TwitchTV streams.


[Update: Full Release] 3D MMORPG Izanagi Online launching next month but closed beta signs-up are live now

Izanagi Online is an upcoming MMORPG that is being made specifically for mobile devices. Developed using Unreal Engine, this particular game is themed around Samurais, Ninjas, and of course, killing monsters and completing quests. Actually if you have played any of the Asian MMORPGs available for PC, then you have a pretty good idea of what to expect to a certain degree with Izanagi Online. Even the visual style is similar.