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Joycity’s upcoming Oceans & Empires game now has its pre-registration live in select regions

Game of Dice developers Joycity have launched the pre-registration for their upcoming game called Oceans & Empires. This particular game is a war-themed strategy title with a big focus on naval warfare. While you’ll be concentrating on building the best fleet of warships that you can, you’ll also need to make sure you’re building up your island base as well.


[Update: Warship Released] JoyCity opens up pre-registration for two of their games – Warship Battles and Elemental Wings

JoyCity today has announced that pre-registration for two of their upcoming games are now live. Depending on the type of game you prefer, there is the company’s hybrid title Elemental Wings that now has pre-registration open for it, as well as the company’s upcoming sequel to their aerial combat game Gunship Battles which is called Warship Battles.


Joycity releases Dungeon Trackers on to Google Play

Released by Joycity, Dungeon Tracker is a Dungeon Crawler crossed with a Battle RPG. Players will assume the role of a summoner who catches and controls the summoned creatures, in order to overcome enemies through building up a deck from those cards; regarding the creature cards, there are over 300 within the game which are all controlled through a tap and swipe system in battle.