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FarSight Studios puts up a Kickstarter project to bring the Twilight Zone table to Pinball Arcade

There are two major Pinball platforms on Android, Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade. While Zen Pinball and their developers, Zen Studios, create tables from scratch and are themed in various manners like with all the Marvel based tables they have, Pinball Arcade is the faithful digital recreations of actual physical Pinball tables you used to play on in the arcade back in the day.

Game News

Battle Chess sequel could come to Android through Kickstarter

When I was little boy, my mom and dad would always take me into Radio Shack because I liked to look at the toy robots and other gizmos the store had for sale. I also remember being completely fascinated by a computer game that featured chess pieces actively killing each other with every move. I can only assume with my limited memory that this game was some version of Battle Chess. Recently, a Kickstarter campaign got underway to bring a Battle Chess sequel to multiple platforms including Android.