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Massively popular card game Exploding Kittens is coming to Android soon

Fans of the card game that was a Kickstarter phenom (getting $8 million+ in funding), there is good news: Exploding Kittens is coming soon to Android. The gameplay for the original card game is simple, in that players may play any number of cards they desire from their hand. At the end of their turn, they must draw a card, and then the next player does the same. Play continues until someone draws a card of an exploding kitty, at which point the player in question loses.

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Fighting Fantasy gamebook The Warlock of Firetop Mountain will soon be an actual 3D RPG

Tin Man Games specializes in bringing gamebooks to life on mobile devices. Whether they be titles from the already existing Fighting Fantasy franchise of physical books, or the company’s own Gamebook Adventure series, they have gotten quite popular over the past few years. One of the classic Fighting Fantasy books will soon be a fully playable RPG as well thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign Tin Man Games has done.

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Gnomes vs. Fairies: A Zelda Inspired Adventure Platformer Coming Soon To Android

Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga may be the high point of fantasy in the worlds of literature and film, but in video games, that crown belongs solely to the Legend of Zelda. Sure, Warcraft has an indelible legacy and Skyrim took the Elder Scrolls series to a new level of popularity, but no fantasy game has been as oft imitated or is as beloved as The Legend of Zelda.

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Control the fate of the world in Karnage: Dawn of Upheaval, currently up on Kickstarter

Set to be released by Re-Roll Entertainment, Karnage: Dawn of Upheaval is a retro style RPG that’s currently gunning to get funded on Kickstarter. Claiming to have taken their cues from the classic RPGs from the prior century, Re-Roll Entertainment states that the game will be top-down and isometric for the points of view. There will also be a focus on 2D stylizing, along with tactical/turn-based combat.

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Razer steps up and offers developers with games on Ouya a new deal

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Ouya basically owes a decent amount of developers a fair amount of money from their Free The Games fund. Because of the deal that went through with Ouya being bought out by Razer, a lot of those developers who qualified for that million dollar fund would not be getting their money. Well that was the case but now things have changed thanks to Razer stepping up to the plate, offering developers a new deal.

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Kickstarter project Legends of Fire and Steel hoping to coming to Android Tablets

Currently in a Kickstarter campaign until July 18th (and not yet funded), Legends of Fire and Steel is a game that focuses on capturing territories. Legends is turn based, with a fantasy flavor to it. The developers, Boomzap to be specific, we are currently developing it for both desktop (PC and Mac), as well as ‘mobile tablets’, which includes Android. As an aside, while they don’t specifically mention it, I personally suspect that it’s a game that requires some larger screen space, hence the omission of phones.