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The Retro Brilliance of Mage Gauntlet & Wayward Souls

It’s good to have a breath of fresh air- especially when it tastes like the mold, mildew and dry bones forgotten in an abysmal dungeon teeming with uncertainty. When executed properly these dark and oppressive gaming environments can be a true ray of light to the seasoned digital adventurer. Rocketcat‘s most recent Android offerings cannot be relegated to a single category, Wayward Souls and Mage Gauntlet incorporate numerous aspects spanning multiple genres. To the relief of the more stalwart gaming crowd on Android, these action/rpg mash ups are crafted with love and high quality in mind. Both of these two games stand tall and stand alone in boasting a full premium experience without a monotonous grind or dangling the infamous iap carrot stick in front of your nose. In fact, neither have a single iap once the game is purchased, and the apps are well tended to with free updates that at times include new content.